5 Jobs That Anyone Can Try

5 Jobs That Anyone Can Try

Wednesday, 09 June 2021

Nowadays, people are in desperate need of a job. A lot of people have even strayed away from their original job scope. For instance, an office employee working in a finance department would have switched to being a cab driver instead to compensate for the loss of money during the pandemic. Either they got laid off and switched completely to a different and easier job scope or they have a completely different job on the side to gain extra income. It is normal nowadays for people to get sacked now since the pandemic started because a lot of businesses have gone under, thus causing budget cuts and the decreasing of employees. For instance, cold lay up Malaysia ships and supply chains decreasing are causing a lot of unemployment, hence, people need jobs.

Nonetheless, a lot of people who are more fortunate got the chance to keep on consistently providing for themselves and their families when they get into their new jobs and there are not as many but a lot of jobs that are still doable during the pandemic. Here are some of the jobs that you might be interested in doing for extra income: 

Content Writer

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A lot of companies need content writers. That may include writing a website’s content, writing articles to be posted or college students would hire them simply to help out with assignments. But if you’re a college student, do not think it is that simple for you to hire someone for your assignments because content writers cost a lot. That is one of the reasons why being a content writer can be very beneficial. You get to determine how much you charge people for everything you write. Of course, you should not take advantage of people but simply charge according to your skill set and the quality of your writing. And hey, if your language is good, people could even hire you to proofread other written works. Plus, you get to work in the comfort of anywhere you choose to be. 

Digital Marketer

In this 21st century, digital marketing has become one of the most crucial industries in our society. Every company or business requires a digital marketing department or needs to hire digital marketing companies so that their companies can get recognised or at least known. Digital marketing can be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it can be pretty easy. Plus, aside from getting to work from home, you would get handsomely paid. 


Let’s let go of the age-old issue about how not everyone can be a CEO. Well, in a certain context, of course not everyone can be one because then who would be the employees? But we should let the stigma of “only men can be CEOs” or “you will never be a CEO” because it is possible for anyone to be the CEO of their own company or business. For instance, nowadays, a lot of people have started their own businesses to get income. Thus, they are the CEO of said business. Moreover, it’d be entirely up to you if you were to work from home or from an office and you are the boss of your own schedule. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. 

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