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2202 :  andy

Posted on 30 Mar 2006 at 12:01:06 PM
mr  : do u all realised or not, wa fm frequency 97.6
already change to a rap music channel,
keep in mine this is what they want us to
hear rather than to keep improve
2201:  Sun WenPosted on 28 Mar 2006 at 10:05:03 PM
Qingming  : During the Qingming period, there are many rains, and the people on the road want to break the soul. Where is the restaurant? Shepherd boy refers to the archway village.
2200:  Wang Sunwen

Posted on 28 Mar 2006 at 9:56:36 PM
Help me a favor, ok!  : I am Dashanjiao Rixin Middle School~Graduate 20 years~The Acting Chairman of the Back-to-School Association~Wang Sunwen Our group of graduates in the evening of 20 years ago ~ Xie Shi Ban, we present A singing program, but also the scene of the scene is full of tears, that song is ~ miss you teacher ~ 1986 / 6 album name (remember your teacher) / Chen Xiuhui singing (songwriter / worm / production / small Insect/Blue Sky Record Release). On this year’s Back to School Day, we decided to miss your teacher. As an opening/closing curtain, but I can’t find the master tape, would you please email me? Here, I am grateful to you on behalf of the jitsin8186 graduates! 
2199 :  micky
Posted on 21 Mar 2006 at 12:09:05 AM
is the time to say no: It’s time to  say “no” to the Chinese-funded bank, Chinese compatriots have gone through all the hard work, how many years of wind and rain, Chinese Only today has the economic foundation. However, today, a Chinese-owned bank is inundated with a ruthless flood. Qu Yuanyi, Taiping Bank, Guangyi Bank, Industrial Bank, Wanxingli Bank, Ma Po Finance, etc., have all entered history. Today, the South Bank has also been merged, and the Chinese bank has lost one more. What is the future of Huarong Bank? Jiangshan does not protect, today’s Chinese-American compatriots shed tears, and under the trend of going east, the Chinese compatriots only cry together. As we all know, banks control the lifeblood of the economy, and banks control the rise and fall of the ethnic group, because the rise and fall of the ethnic group depends on it. The bank is like a heart, there is no heart, and the body is pumped. C Which is the next target? Huazi Bank, it is time for you to say “no”! 
2198 :  Ah ChewPosted on 18 Mar 2006 at 10:20:31 AM
97.6 become hot fm??  : Hey, wat happen, 97.6 become a malay channel hot fm!!?? Why they never keep the promise?? Any body know more on this topic ?

2197 :  junPosted on 17 Mar 2006 at 10:36:30 PM
GB  : To GohCO problem, you can download by flashget for waonline radio and use a audio converter software to convert from asp format to mp3/wav/ogg/wmv format.

2196 :  ADWIN NG
Posted on 17 Mar 2006 at 10:24:16 PM
2195 :  coma
Posted on 14 Mar 2006 at 12:43:53 AM
sigh! !  : It’s the entertainment reporter of the media. In the newspaper report yesterday, Hong Kong’s Ouyang Zhenhua and Zeng Zhiwei were joking. It’s basically that Tan Xiaoping’s own logical thinking has gone wrong, and the blind people are not Dumb, of course you can talk! ! I am stupid and lose the face of Malaysia, shame and shame! ! ! ! I dare not face my own stupidity, but also to Zhang Tianci, hehe! ! Such reporters have long been eliminated in foreign countries! ! ! ! sad! ! To be honest, don’t be partial! !
2194 :  Xiao Xu
Posted on 11 Mar 2006 at 11:59:08 PM
Wafm  : i really miss the time we having a good fm – wa fm! i believe we will discuss a lot of ‘funny’ topic in malaysia if it still on air now I hope we are in the environment of more open minder, more transparency in term of government polies, respect our human right, can talk freely and ……! i hope waonline still can going on, i will support! i hope Wa fm vision still continue! i still keep the fm 97.6 as wa fm, just hope it will come back again in future, i know the possibility is very low but i still will keep it. Thank you all the DJ in WA FM, i Really enjoy the fm at the time, im unable to forget the last day of WA fm, so touch!
2193:  Caring for Hua
Posted on 10 Mar 2006 at 7:42:39 PM
Chinese people use China’s small corruption  : Recently, I found that selling computer courses in Nanhu Town to the small company (the store is located in the corner) may involve corruption, both MCA and the Ministry of Education. Contact and support. MCA and the Ministry of Education monopoly course, according to the company staff after a meal chat, found that a senior staff named guan is looking for a wealthy Chinese small sales course, not allowed staff to wear shoes to work, poor Chinese small I have nothing to say, textbooks, computers, projectors, etc., all give the principal a rebate, save to the principal’s wife or the child’s account… Poor Chinese eat Chinese! Our parents are forced to buy expensive textbooks and textbooks. Can be purchased with other cheap computer manufacturers!!! Schools ask a computer teacher for not much money. Hurry to send people to investigate!! I also hope that there is no corruption situation…

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