How The Internet Has Changed Our Lives

How The Internet Has Changed Our Lives

Thursday, 24 June 2021

The internet has introduced new fundamentals to our lives in ways we cannot imagine. From the smallest calculations on our phones to aerospace engineering, the internet has placed small and large roles and it continues to progress us forward to the unimaginable. The introduction of wi-fi has also changed our lives forever and here are some of several ways that it has actually changed numerous things that were not like this before it.

1.     Streaming services

Before the internet was as popular as it is today, we were reliant on tape recordings for music and shows, T.V. programming and other devices that have since been forgotten by the youngest generation. Streaming services are growing in usage and popularity because wi-fi makes it easier to find our favourite sitcoms and documentaries online for a small price. With Unifi broadband a powerful wi-fi connection results in faster downloads and streams than ever. The internet has inspired platforms like Netflix and Hulu and it continues to produce music services like Spotify to keep entertainment in circulation. 

2.     Communication

Communication has been made easier by the internet. The 2000’s were dominated by telephones and letter-writing, but now that internet connections and wi-fi have grown so have the channels and means of communication. Texts from China are received in South Africa in seconds because the internet inspired fast wi-fi to bring communities together. Instead of sending a letter via the mail, email has made it accessible from the palm of our hands, sending documents and other information in seconds. Furthermore, social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook continue to be a means of communication that have shrunk the global village. The internet brought these social media giants to life and continues to create more of them as people try to find better ways of messaging information. Gaming programs allow international players to actually communicate and game in real time for a better, livelier experience.

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3.     Commerce

Many sectors of commerce have been positively impacted by the arrival of wi-fi. Thanks to the internet, businesses can establish international brands and keep in touch with them with ease. Other businesses have been moved onto the internet to become e-commerce bodies, utilising the internet as a means of business. Not only this, but the internet has made it easier to start a business and earn money. Businesses continue to pop up on social media and they thrive because of the large customer body. Similarly, businesses with a social media presence are able to establish a larger clientele because their content can reach even international engagements. Cryptocurrency is currently trending as recognised monetary item and forex trading, which is internet-based is growing in popularity. 

The coming of the internet and its rapid expansion has inspired several more positives that many overlook, but overall it is a welcomed sign of progress of the twenty-first century.

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