Imaginary Friend Of Kids

Imaginary Friend Of Kids

Thursday, 10 June 2021


When we think of best friends, we think it’s all about a person who will be there when we want to hang out or when we need some help, but you Always expect someone else to fulfil your emotional needs. It is important to understand that being free helps you find friendships that allow you to be yourself without any restrictions. If you have chosen the right friends for the right reasons, even the best friends can do it. There are some pros and cons to keep in mind when you have best friends. You want to live a happy life and find the best in you, but there is no one who can limit you or make you a person who is not.

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Imaginary friend

Somewhere today we found a very rotten and worn out pocket-sized story that dragged us into the age of ignorance when the world’s biggest problem seemed to be an imaginary magician. Stories read at this age, while improving a child’s reading skills and helping children use vocabulary and sentence structure better, also have a profound effect on their psychology and character. As a result, the raw mind begins to look for the attributes of its favourite characters around it and if no one is found, it even forms an imaginary figure in its mind.  That is why the term ‘imaginary friend’ is so common in Western society. Now, as time goes on, these imaginary figures in the form of tall personalities take over our subconscious and then the impossible problem of finding the ideal becomes a part of life.

Creativity skill

Sally Goddard Blythe, director of the Neuropsychological Centre Chester in 2011, said in a telegraph article on the subject: “Stories told in childhood help children develop imagination and creativity. By imagining any difficult situation, they come up with thousands of ways to deal with it in their own minds and every child always becomes the hero of their own story. 

While this builds confidence in him, it also sows the seeds of practical cheapness. Such children or individuals are afraid to accept reality because there is a big difference between imaginary and real life, what kind of real life challenges will be, it is not decided by our will at all. Stories also have the potential to make children inactive.

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