The 5 Cutest Extinct Animals Around The World

The 5 Cutest Extinct Animals Around The World

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Animals are cute. They are part of our nature and they play a vital role in our existence,e whether it is for climate change or even as food. While we are supposed to love for them and treat them with kindness, the sad reality is, many have met their demise as a result of human behaviors. On today’s list of things to do, take a break from your multi level marketing software demo and look at this list of adorable animals that are now extinct. 

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Woolly Mammoth 

Woolly mammoth, sound cute, and even looks adorable. The child in me who was obsessed with the Ice age, still wishes that they are real in today’s era. Sadly, Woolly Mammoths met their demise and extinction in the last ice age, 1650 BC. The last of this happy population was seen 4000 years ago on Wrangel Island. To this day, we are not able to pinpoint their reason for extinction. Some contemplate that it was caused by inbreeding, while others say humans hunted them. Some also say climate change and the rising temperature may have been the reason for their final demise. 

The fun fact about wooly mammoths is that it is not as huge as the Ice age cartoons made it out to be. Scientists say they are about 9 ft tall. Their remains still exist around the world to this day. So don’t be surprised if you manage to run into some woolly mammoth carcass. An 11-year-old boy was lucky enough to find remains of this giant furry mammal and the mammoth was named after him, named “Zhenya”

Baji River Dolphin 

The first-ever dolphin driven into extinction as a result of our actions, indeed this was a sad loss for humanity. This is a dolphin that was only found in the Chinese river named Yangtze River.

Dolphins are the dogs of the oceans, much like seals. They are playful and they love humans. It was sad to see that we were the reason for their extinction. Scientists say they are only “possibly” extinct so fingers crossed, that some of those babies are wandering around. 

This animal has been under protection since the year 1975 and scientists hope that we can revive their population. However, their last sighting was in 2004 and it has been a decade since they have been declared extinct. 

Tasmanian Tiger

Extinct since 1936, the Tasmanian tiger was one the largest carnivorous marsupial of modern times. This close relative of the Tasmanian Devil met its demise as a result of humans. Humans hunted them for their meat and possibly as pleasure, and the demise of their population made it difficult for them to survive among other predators and hunt for prey.

Scientists describe their attitude towards us as somewhat friendly and safe. They were shy, bashful creatures of the wild. They have been the center of art for many rock carvings all the way back to 1000 BC.

Pinta Island Tortoise 

This cute giant tortoise was believed to be extinct as a result of human hunting until the year 1971. During the 19th Century, scientists announced their status as extinct.  The status was denounced on the sighting of one large and lonely giant pint tortoise named “Lonesome George” He was about 100 years old before he met his demise and he was the last of his species. 

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