Things That Ruin Our Productivity

Things That Ruin Our Productivity

Friday, 12 March 2021

Productivity, a measure of one’s efficiency, is an important aspect of one’s life. Our success is defined by how productive we feel and we are. Our work feels meaningful only when it has productive value to ourselves and the rest of the world. 

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So how can we manifest this productivity throughout our life. Somethings can hinder the level of production and efficiency we have. Our habits define how productive we are at work, at home, and even at school. While materialistic things like a good piece of the scented candle or a high-speed internet package from Time broadband Malaysia also do the trick, it does not always manage to improve our productivity. It is our actions that define productivity. 

The way of life we have can change the levels of productivity. So what are some things that we should be mindful of that may ruin our productivity? 

  1. The amount of sleep we get 

Our sleep is important. Lack of sleep can leave us feeling fatigued, depressed, anxious and can even decrease the efficiency of our cognitive functions such as decision making, problem-solving, and many more. Sleep can make us feel more energized and active throughout the day. Which explains why the right amount of sleep is linked to how productive we are during the day. We are also reportedly more productive when we wake up early in the morning. Sleeping in for long periods of times can also decrease how much efficient work we get done throughout the day 

  1. Consistently Mundane Routines

Having the same routine and doing the same thing can get old very quickly. Eating out every morning, doing the same thing at work, coming home and doing nothing, and watching the same thing over and over, lacks excitement. We need a little spontaneity to feel better about ourselves. An improved mood and good self-esteem also lead to better productivity. Switching your days up with different things like, visit the flower market, or maybe taking the bus to walk instead of the car, or asking your supervisor for feedback for your work are all things that can bring a change in your routine. Hence an increase in productivity 

  1. Prioritizing Others Over Yourself 

Prioritizing others can get overwhelming. When we prioritize others we are not giving ourselves and our work sufficient time. We are not taking care of our own mental health properly and this can take a toll on how productive one feels throughout the day. If you keep trying to please others and never yourself, it is going to feel unfulfilling. 

  1. Lack Of Physical Activity 

Exercise does wonders for our productivity. But it is not only the lack of exercise that hinders it. Physical activity, in general, is important to our productivity levels. Do you take a sufficient number of walks throughout the day? Do you maybe dance a little to music to feel good about yourself? Do you perhaps even blast out a song and take out your skipping rope to get your heart pumping. Maybe even a little swimming as well. A healthy amount of physical activity is necessary for your everyday life. 

  1. Staying Indoor For Too Long 

Indoors can get depressing. Sun is how we get our daily vitamin D and Sunshine can also drastically change our mood. Again, we know how an improved mood is directly linked to how we feel about our work and ourselves. When we are outdoors, we get to experience nature, talk to people and even notice something different about ourselves. Staying indoors for a prolonged period of time with no sunny action can also ruin how productive you feel.

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