Things You Need To Know For You And Your Baby

Things You Need To Know For You And Your Baby

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Being a mother is not easy. You will have to plan your life properly so that you will not neglect you and your baby’s basic needs. You have to know what is the best for both of you so there will be no unnecessary stress in the future.

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1.       Get help after giving birth

Before giving birth to your baby, you are advised to ask around about in-home care. After giving birth in the hospital, there are a lot of experts around you that can take care of you and tell you what to do, what not to do.

For in-home care, you might consider hiring a nurse or postpartum doula to take care of you and your baby. You can ask for the doctor’s suggestion on suitable health agencies or the best in-home help agencies. A baby nurse usually will only help you to handle your baby but postpartum doula usually also helps you through the healing process. Suggesting the right diet and daily routine for you. You can also ask your family or relatives about their experience so you will prepare yourself to get through it.

2.       How to handle a newborn

Newborns are very fragile; internally and externally and handling them can be quite intimidating.

Newborn babies don’t have a strong immune system, so they are at risk for infections. Make sure you are all clean before touching your baby. Wash or sanitize your hand frequently to avoid transmitting bacteria and viruses.

If you went out to meet your relatives or they came to your house, it is better if you don’t let them touch and kiss your baby. Most babies get skin infections after being kissed by their aunts and uncles. Chemicals from the lip product might harm your baby.

Always support your baby’s head and neck because their bones are also still developing, so it is still not strong enough to support on its own.

3.       Diapering

Decide what type of diapers to use for your baby. Reusable cloth diapers or disposable diapers. You decide what is best for your baby. There are also different sizes for disposable diapers that you need to know before diapering your baby.

Make sure you place these things at a reachable place because you don’t want to leave your baby alone, unattended.

–          A clean diaper

–          Baby wipes or a container of warm water and cotton balls

–          Diaper cream to avoid rashes

–          Ointment to put on the baby’s stomach

There are different ways to clean boy’s and girl’s genital areas. This is to avoid any infection on your baby.

4.       Bonding time

This is the most pleasurable part for your baby because they feel closer to you. The mommy-baby attachment will develop their emotional growth as that is the way to make you and your baby fall in love with each other.

Have you ever heard of skin-to-skin contact? This is one of the methods to promote emotional connection for you and your baby. It also can be practised to help calm your baby when they cry. Put your baby on your chest and massage their back slowly.

If you feel uncomfortable doing it because you have cracked nipples and it hurts you, apply cracked nipple cream on the cracked area to make it less hurt.

Being a mother is not easy, especially when you are not used to being around newborns. It can be very stressful for you and the baby, so make sure you get enough mental and physical support to help you get through it.


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