Why Esports Is Good For Us

Why Esports Is Good For Us

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Esport Malaysia has skyrocketed through the roof and its popularity is only bound to increase.

However, the controversy of how good it is still widely spoken and argued by our parents. Contrary to popular belief and the narration that esports is bad, it has a lot of benefits for people of all ages. 

Esports are more than what the media portray. It has the benefits of playing in the physical ground while also giving us long-term life lessons. Here are some of the key advantages of learning Esports that you ought to know. 

Esports is not for those who are “retarded” or “lazy” as a lot of people argue. Esports requires meticulous organization and thinking capabilities. We have to access strategy and do competitor analysis consistently to win the game. This involves people learning how to build strategy, communicate the strategy to be effective, and solve problems together. The communication issues that we face in day-to-day life are solved as we play these games. Esports players become better at providing solutions and they are confident with voicing them out. 

  • Improved social skills with inclusivity

Esports is very diverse. It includes people of all ages and races. There is no discrimination when everyone is present on the esports ground. People are included despite their racial and ethnic backgrounds. When working on a game, people are forced to communicate with one another and work on their social skills to develop rapport. Kids and adults learn how to improve the deficiencies in their social skills and they also feel incredibly included when playing esports because of the diversity involved.

  • Career development

Our grandfathers would have laughed off the notion of developing a career off of gaming but it is quite possible. Just like it is possible with any other physical sports like football or baseball. Esports require serious work if people want to pursue it as a professional career. The competition is high, but the net worth of esports players is off the roof.

People earn different opportunities as esports players. Some are official contact players, some earn through sponsorships and others earn by content creation. Content creation is becoming more common these days with the availability and accessibility of social media. Esports players earn money through blogging about esports and streaming live through platforms such as Youtube. 

  • Improved mental health 

Esports players are just like any other sports player. When you are passionate about something you love doing, your brain loves you for it and works for it. And when we do something we love, we are striving for happiness and we tend to work better as well. As a result, esports become a means for a lot of people to survive major mental health issues and work on their mental well-being as well. For some, it is a great escape to relieve stress and for others, it is a means to curb away their loneliness. When used in a healthy manner it can have profound long-term effects on our well-being. 

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Being an esports player is also a great way to boost one’s self-esteem and confidence. The boosted confidence in our skills whether it is social or teamwork helps us in our real day-to-day tasks.

The impact of Esports is still up to debate but we cannot deny the beneficial impact it has with a moderate and healthy amount of use. 

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